Zebra Crossing

Why Choose


We are a team of HR professionals and Lawyers

  • We know how to get the best out of people

  • We are great at what we do and know how best to do it

  • We have a wide range of up to date knowledge covering all aspects of people management

  • We know the law and how to correctly apply it

  • We will do the work required by any existing external HR/insurance agreement you have. 

We are cost effective

  • You could pay HR advisors and in-house Lawyers between £25-£50k p.a 

  • We only charge based on the number of employees you have

  • In reality, our cost is typically less than employing someone on NMW

  • We also don't take holidays, sick days and are available 7 days a week

We become a part of your company

  • We get to know you and your business so we can promote the culture you want

  • We report to you and act in line with your commercial objectives

  • With a HR@yourcompanyname.com email address - we deal directly with employees

  • Simply put, we help you establish that HR department you have always wanted